Dirty data? So what!

We work with several companies to use predictive analytics for sales and marketing efforts…. but what if the company has “dirty data!” (gasp!)      

Guess what! You’re not alone!

Here are some FACTS:

  • Everyone has a different sales process
  • Everyone uses CRM differently
  • Everyone has skeletons in their CRM closet
  • Everyone has large amounts of data
  • No one’s data is “clean”

Predictive model is dependent on the fact that you have closed won and closed lost opportunity data in your CRM. In those opportunities, if you have either an email address, location, or employer URL, there is help!

Taking your CRM data and appending thousands of web data attributes to uncover which signals had an impact on win rate is what good predictive analytics tools can do. Leveraging the data science to create actionable insights is what customers do.

Data hygiene and cleaning up your database should be an ongoing task.  Don’t waste your time trying to clean up the entire system and figure out the process; let data science guide you into determining what data is worth cleaning and where the data hygiene issues are. Your CRM needs to be cleaned… join the club!

We’ve seen the internal CRM’s of many companies, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We assure you that your company fits somewhere within those 3 buckets. But most importantly, let an expert tell you what in your CRM and sales process works and what needs work.

You have nothing to lose, except traction and revenue!