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Precision through predictive.

NEWCLEUS applications are built on our proprietary fully-automated, SaaS-based, predictive platform using an underlying technology that combines machine learning and natural language processing with predictive analytics.

The NEWCLEUS predictive platform first adds hundreds of behavior, firmographic, and demographic signals to each of your historical marketing leads and sales deals. Our proprietary machine-learning framework automatically learns the informative signals and applies dozens of statistical measures to build a customized predictive model. As new leads come in, predictions are easily pushed into systems your business already uses. And as new data arrives, the models are updated, so they are always up to date and the most accurate.

To apply predictive analytics, you can either hire an army of data scientists or use sophisticated technology that does the work for you.

Our platform does

all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.


-> Maps your entire sales funnel once you give us your marketing automation and CRM credentials.

-> Scores and grades are made visible in your CRM and/or marketing automation system.

-> Enables your team to use predictive analytics on the go within your current system.

Data Cloud

-> Sources data consuming APIs from dozens of partners along with our own proprietary crawlers.

-> Matches additional data to the data from your internal CRM and marketing automation systems.

-> So with nothing more than an email address and name, we can create a rich set for the platform to model from.

Machine Learning

-> Using advanced modeling techniques, we uncover key predictive attributes that lead your prospects to buy.

-> Automatically builds multiple machine-learning models & statistically identifies the most predictive model.

-> Your custom model is created in hours, not weeks, & can be further customized to suit your business goals.

Our feature set automates all the

annoying and tedious tasks.


Big Data, Any Data
From spreadsheets to databases to Hadoop.


Ease of Use
No data scientists needed. Predictive analytics for sales & marketing users.


No hardware. No installation drivers. No server. Only pay to use.


No black box models. Know precisely which factors drive predictions.

Most accurate answers tuned to your business questions.


Automated learning system. Adapt to changes before you feel them.

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Predictive Prioritization