Predictive Prioritization

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Focus Matters

Sales wants better leads. Management wants more sales. Marketing has to fulfill it all—without adding headcount or increasing budget.

With Predictive Prioritization, you’ll know exactly which leads are high quality and ready for sales follow-up, which require further nurturing, and which could even be purged from the database.

Sales can then focus their efforts on opportunities with the highest potential to convert. Marketing gets better ROI and insights to guide future investments. And Management gets to report to the board that you’ve exceeded your company goals. A true win-win-win.

We streamline

each step of the process.


We start with your existing data. Info in your CRM, MAT and/or weblogs is stitched together for a 360 degree view of each prospect.


Our platform adds thousands of attributes mined from the web such as social media (presence, activity, preferences), employer profile & more.


Using machine learning & data science, we statistically compare each new lead with their enhanced profiles to historical winners & losers captured in your CRM.


Predictive scores showing which leads are likely convert are pushed to your existing systems keeping your workflows unchanged.

Integrated Workflow.

Better Results.


NEWCLEUS pushes its predictive grades & scores directly into existing systems, making it simple to combine advanced customer intelligence with the automation and reporting tools you use today. 


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We have real-time tracking

keeping you in the driver's seat.


-> Business Performance Summary


-> Contributing Signals


-> Model Performance


Our feature set automates all the

annoying and tedious tasks.


Big Data, Any Data
From spreadsheets to databases to Hadoop.


Ease of Use
No data scientists needed. Predictive analytics for sales & marketing users.


No hardware. No installation drivers. No server. Only pay to use.


No black box models. Know precisely which factors drive predictions.

Most accurate answers tuned to your business questions.


Automated learning system. Adapt to changes before you feel them.