Few verticals we have worked with:

Predictive Prioritization

Focus on the customers who are ready to buy now and know which leads are unlikely to close. The NEWCLEUS Predictive Platform prioritizes and alerts Sales to move faster and increase revenue by focusing their time on the leads and opportunities most likely to close.

Spend time on the leads and opportunities scientifically most likely to close and convert them faster armed with insights into why they're a good fit.

Marketing Optimizer

With the NEWCLEUS Marketing Optimizer application, marketing can see in real-time which campaigns and lead sources bring in the highest quality leads. No longer do you have to wait till the end of your sales cycle to calculate return on marketing investment. 

Using NEWCLEUS, marketing can see where to increase investment and where to cut, as well as discover "golden" leads that are buried in your existing database.


Pipeline Manager

With the NEWCLEUS Pipeline Manager application, sales can get a scientific reality check on the pipeline and know how much of it will actually close.

NEWCLEUS analyzes active sales pursuits to not only show you which opportunities are most likely to convert, but also the probability of a closed deal. We combine lead and opportunity scoring with predictive modeling to help you improve forecasting accuracy, identify pursuits with high conversion potential, and focus your sales efforts to close more deals.

Our predictive technology is built to take the

guesswork out of your sales & marketing efforts >>>